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Heroes of Dutch Aviation

For the new Aviodrome aviation museum in Lelystad, we made a movie about the Dutch aviation history for their IMAX theatre. The movie was compiled from archival footage.


‘Helden Van De Nederlandse Luchtvaart’ (Heroes of Dutch Aviation) tells the story of three diverse characters on key positions during the early years. These are airplane pioneers Anthony Fokker and Frits Koolhoven and founding father of Schiphol airport and the Royal Dutch airline KLM: Albert Plesman.

For this archival documentary, new software technologies were used to make the archival images come to life. Here we used 2,5D photo animation and we transfered pre-war 12fps images to current 25fps speed, resutling in a realistic Anthony Fokker never seen before. 

Written and directed by: 

Kuba Szutkowski

Narration by:

Dragan Bakema

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